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Our Plants

Life begin in laboratory

Plants are born in our laboratories where an in-vitro micro-propagation technique allows to obtain a clone of the plant itself. In this way a set of plants with the same genetic heritage is obtained.


The young plants  remain for a period of "incubation" in the laboratory, in a sterile and aseptic environment. After this period they are transferred to a greenhouse where they are transplanted to the plateau with alveoli containing the earth compound and other natural elements that allow the development of the seedlings.


When plants have reached a significant height, they are ready to be sold or to be planted out in the field, in our nursery where they are looked after and within a few months can reach a significant size.


The second stage of growth takes place outside
the laboratory

Our plants can be sold in different ways: 

  • in plateaus of different sizes on the base of the destination.

  • we can provide bare root plants or even small roots of various sizes.

We have created a hybrid of Paulownia called Z07,  this plant can withstand even the most extreme temperatures.

In our nurseries we have other varieties of Paulownia such as Tomentosa, giant Elongata, Shang Tong.

All plants have a sanitary certificate and a passport

As required by law from 14 December 2019; these plants can therefore travel to European and even non-European countries.

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