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Our Proposal

Paulownia Italy is the only company that produces paulownia plants in vitro in Italy.

At the moment Paulownia Italy is able to multiply in vitro and commercialize the following paulownia clones

  • FTK-6.20.11 (fortunei + tomentosa + kawaikami)

  • FT-6.20 (fortunei + tomentosa)

  • FTUltra-6.20U (fortunei + tomentosa)

  • GE-5 (elongata)

  • T-20 (tomentosa)

  • K-11 (kawaikami)

  • we are currently obtaining the necessary certifications for the sale of new triploid and tetraploid varieties, the result of genetic improvement and the evolution of current varieties

The products manufactured and marketed by Paulownia Italy are accompanied by all the original certifications issued by the competent authorities.

As for in vitro plants, Paulownia Italy, in order to meet the different needs and requirements of customers, is able to offer various technical solutions, including:

A - In vitro seedlings directly from the laboratory, shipped in plateaus of 104, 140 and 240 holes ; these plants, offered at a much lower price than acclimatized plants, and with obvious advantages in terms of space for transport, must therefore be repotted and acclimated by the buyer.

B - In vitro seedlings already acclimatized and re-potted, shipped in plateaus of 24 and 32 holes ; these seedlings will be able to travel and will be ready to be transplanted directly into open field.


These seedlings are available all year round (with adequate notice in case of large orders), but transporting these seedlings to distant countries will require trucks or containers with controlled temperature and humidity.

Other solutions

In order to better meet the needs of those who want to start projects in distant countries, with obvious logistics problems, Paulownia Italy has therefore organized itself to offer various solutions, which guarantee in any case:

  • maintenance of the genetic characteristics of the plant

  • unaltered growth uniformity

  • high percentage of germination

For customers more distant, or with particular logistical difficulties, Paulownia Italy offers in fact:

C - stump and mini-stump , properly treated and maintained in controlled temperature and humidity conditions, and ready to be shipped in convenient boxes

D - single roots, properly treated and maintained in controlled temperature and humidity conditions, and ready to be shipped in convenient boxes

The stumps and roots can travel long distances and with very limited logistic costs, and reach the customer in perfect condition, ready to be transplanted in the open field.

It is important to underline how the stumps and roots we produce are obtained from our plants which have exactly the same genetics as the plants multiplied in vitro; through these solutions, therefore, the customer will have the same guarantees that are offered to those who buy plants in vitro.

Our production capacity:

With adequate notice, Paulownia Italy can produce from 400,000 to 500,000 seedlings per month.

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